VitaJab Ambassadors

David Smith - Pharmacist | Ultra-marathon runner | Quintuple Ironman triathlete

David has completed over 100 marathons and ultra marathons, much of the time in fancy dress to raise money for a number of fantastic charities. He has completed numerous Ironman races and can even call himself a quintuple Ironman; this quite literally involves racing 5x the distance of a standard Ironman! Whilst raising over £105,000 for the charities he supports he has managed to achieve 38 Guinness World Records.

In 2018 he ran the Cape Wrath Ultra, an 8 day 400km race up the west coast of Scotland. In 2019 he ran the 215 mile non stop Race Across Scotland in 88 hours.

Even though David doesn't follow a completely plant based diet, he has a regular B12 injection at his pharmacy in Dronfield as part of his routine as an ultra-distance athlete. 

David has been very busy fundraising during the Coronavirus pandemic - read more about his back garden marathons in this BBC article 

We think David is pretty awesome and we're incredibly proud to have him as one of our ambassadors. We want to help him with his fundraising for some amazing charities and will pledge 2% of the retail price when the code DSmithVITA is used at checkout. You can read more about David and the incredible charities he supports here.