Terms & Conditions

Introduction to VitaJab

VitaJab provides an online health service which allows you to complete an online medical screen in relation to a vitamin B12 service, which is delivered in participating community pharmacies. Upon completion of the online medical screen a member of our prescribing team will review your information and assess your suitability for a Vitamin B12 injection that is administered at a participating pharmacy near to you. Before proceeding with the medical screen, you must first read the VitaJab Service Information Leaflet which outlines the risks and limitations of the service. 

Our system uses a secure voucher code system to facilitate this, so if authorised by one of our prescribers, you will be given a digital voucher when you complete your purchase. Hydroxocobalamin, a form of vitamin B12 used to treat deficiency, is a prescription only medicine (POM) and we use it off-license for the purposes of protecting and maintaining the health of patients that successfully complete our medical screen. This is a private service and is outside the scope of NHS guidelines. Please view the ‘Service Information Leaflet’ for more information. 

Our medical screen has been produced, and is routinely reviewed, by our multi-disciplinary healthcare team to ensure it is safe and appropriate. Upon completion of the medical screen one of our prescribers will review your information and if they feel it appropriate, they will electronically prescribe your vitamin B12 injection. You will receive feedback if they feel a vitamin B12 injection is not appropriate for you. This means there will be a variable delay from the point that you make payment for your voucher until you receive your voucher code; please see the ‘Voucher Authorisation’ section below. 

VitaJab intends to help people experiencing the symptoms commonly associated with lower levels of vitamin B12, which are typically lethargy, malaise and reduced mental function. More information is available at In protecting and maintaining the health of individuals, the service is open to people experiencing these symptoms generally, those that follow a Plant Based diet and those that wish to increase the frequency of their B12 injections prescribed by their GP. VitaJab partners with GPhC-registered UK community pharmacy organisations to provide this service in a regulated, safe and accessible setting by experienced pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. VitaJab has the necessary and appropriate indemnity policies in place to legally and safely provide this service.

You understand and agree that whilst an adequate description of the symptoms of lower B12 levels may have been provided, and is readily available from online NHS sources, VitaJab cannot guarantee the effectiveness of this service to you. Furthermore, use of the service does not involve blood testing and therefore does not diagnose a vitamin B12 deficiency, as defined by NHS guidelines. Moreover, you accept that use of the service may lead to delays in the formal diagnosis of a vitamin B12 deficiency and/or associated conditions, should you seek one from your GP or a private healthcare professional. Injections will not be prescribed to any person more often than every 28 days.

VitaJab’s multi-disciplinary team of registered and practising healthcare professionals is responsible for the development of a safe service for yourself and other members of the public. Service delivery in pharmacies, including the administration of the injection, is the responsibility of the pharmacy organisation that you choose to visit.

Our company number is:          10405311

Our registered address is:        VitaJab Ltd., Marsland Chambers, 1A Marsland Rd, Sale Moor, Cheshire, M33 3HP


Consent to the Service

You agree that by engaging with and completing our online medical screen, you give your consent to VitaJab to provide you with a voucher that can only be redeemed in participating pharmacies, granting the pharmacy team access to a private prescription for your vitamin B12 injection. You agree that you have read and understood the information and resources provided, including the Service Information Leaflet, and have sufficient understanding of the benefits and risks involved with the service. You agree and understand that the medicine prescribed is being used off-license for purposes of protecting and maintaining your health, and is outside the scope of NHS guidelines. You agree that you may seek advice from an independent healthcare professional prior to completing our online medical screen and purchasing a voucher. You agree and give your consent to VitaJab to Control and Process your Personal Data, as necessary to legally provide the service, for as long as is necessary in line with the GDPR and relevant healthcare regulation and guidelines. 


Providing personal and medical information honestly and accurately 

You agree that you must complete the medical screen honestly and accurately. You agree and understand that there may be increased medical risks to yourself if you intentionally, or mistakenly, answer the medical screen incorrectly and for this VitaJab and your chosen pharmacy shall not be liable.

If you are purchasing a voucher on behalf of another person you agree that you must have their prior consent to do so. You must ensure you provide accurate and truthful information about their health when completing the medical screen on their behalf. Failure to do this may result in a pharmacy team refusing to administer an injection and in such cases there will be no right to a refund should it become apparent the individual is ineligible to use the service. 


Suitability of the Service to you

You agree that you have been provided with sufficient and adequate information from our website to determine that this service is suitable and appropriate for you. You have read and understood the pre-administration information leaflet and have sufficient understanding of the benefits and risks associated with this service. Furthermore, you are not aware of any reason why you could not receive an intramuscular vitamin B12 injection.

Vitamin B12 is not the only vitamin in the diet whereby sub-optimal levels may lead to the symptoms of lethargy, malaise and reduced mental function. Indeed, some disease states may also be responsible for these symptoms. VitaJab advises, therefore, that individuals should seek advice from a healthcare professional before engaging in the service if you wish to explore a formal diagnosis of your symptoms. 


Privacy and GDPR

VitaJab is responsible for Controlling and Processing your Personal Data safely and securely in line with the GDPR. More information can be found in our Privacy Policy. You give your consent for VitaJab to share your personal information with the pharmacy you choose to visit, and your GP. VitaJab will not share your Personal Data with any other third party. VitaJab will routinely conduct internal audits and all data used will be anonymised so as to prevent any individual from being identified. You agree that, in appropriate circumstances, VitaJab may contact you using the personal information you provided to seek feedback about our service.


VitaJab Voucher and Service Availability in Pharmacies

You agree that VitaJab will provide the means of accessing your vitamin B12 injection by issuing a unique voucher to you. This voucher can only be redeemed at registered pharmacies, as displayed on the Find your nearest pharmacy page of the VitaJab website. The voucher must be redeemed within 168 days of purchase, and you agree that no refund can be given if the voucher is not redeemed within this time. You understand and agree that should you choose not to redeem your voucher at a registered pharmacy, upon the advice of another person including a registered healthcare professional, you will not be entitled to a refund. You understand and agree that this service is only to be provided to yourself and you may not transfer your voucher to any other person. You agree that pharmacy teams may verify your identity against the details on your private prescription and reserve the right to ask for identification to assist with this. 

VitaJab provides its services through registered community pharmacies. The service is delivered by specially trained and accredited pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, who from time to time may not always be on duty in the registered pharmacy that you choose to visit, as displayed on our website. Whilst the aim is to provide the service on an impromptu basis, we encourage you to contact your preferred pharmacy in advance of a visit, and of a purchase, to ensure the service is going to be available at the time of your choosing.

In the event of local, regional or national public health emergencies pharmacists may reserve the right to temporarily suspend the services they provide for a period of time in the wider interests of the public and to focus on the essential services pharmacies provide. In such circumstances you will not be entitled to a refund unless the suspension results in the expiry of your 6-month voucher.


Voucher Authorisation and Payment process

Once you have completed the medical screen and provided payment details a member of our prescribing team will need to review your information before deciding to authorise a voucher (electronically prescribe your B12 injection). This must happen before your engagement with a participating pharmacy, other than to book a speculative appointment slot. Once a member of our prescribing team has prescribed your injection, your voucher will then appear on your customer dashboard and will also be emailed to you. 

Payment will only be taken from you, via our payment partner, once your voucher has been authorised by a prescriber and shortly after this a receipt will be sent to you by email. If one of our prescribing team deems you inelgible for the service you will not be charged.

Our prescribing team are practising healthcare professionals working in both primary and secondary care, therefore voucher authorisation may not be immediate, but in most cases we expect it to take just a small number of minutes. Our Timeframe Pledge is:

Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm: We aim to deliver your voucher within 60 minutes

Monday to Saturday 6pm to 8am, Sundays & National Bank Holidays: By 9am on the next working day

Upon authorisation of your voucher by one of our prescribers we will dispatch a notification email which will include a link to login to your secure customer account where your voucher will be displayed.

If you are inelgible for the service you will receive a feedback email from one of our prescribers. Our aim is to give a brief explanation as to why, in the context of the service more broadly, you are ineligible. These justifications may differ to the opinion of other healthcare professionals that you may have consulted with. Please do not attempt to reply to this email as it will not reach our prescribing team. 


Administration of the injection

You agree and understand that a GPhC registered pharmacist, or GPhC registered pharmacy technician under the supervision of a pharmacist, will administer the intramuscular injection to you and this will take place in the consultation room of a GPhC registered pharmacy. Prior to receiving your injection the pharmacist, or pharmacy technician, will confirm that you consent to them administering the injection to you. VitaJab will only authorise accredited pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who have completed the necessary training and have indemnity cover in place to administer the injection to you. Further local and Pharmacy-specific processes may also take place as part of delivering the service to you. 


GP notification

Our individual GP records are the centre point of our healthcare. VitaJab recognises the importance of keeping these records accurate and up to date. In line with relevant regulation and guidance, we encourage you to allow your pharmacist to notify your GP of your injection using a standardised GP notification letter. You do have the right to opt out of this if you wish. 

This is a private service and is outside the scope of NHS guidelines. Your GP may, therefore, refuse requests from you for ongoing injections from the NHS if you did not previously receive them, should you feel this is necessary. You accept that use of the service prior to formal blood testing may delay a formal diagnosis of vitamin B12 deficiency and/or associated conditions in line with NHS guidelines; this is outlined in the Service Information Leaflet. 


Mental Capacity

Pharmacists reserve the right to decline or delay providing your injection, if in their professional opinion, you present in the pharmacy intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. In such circumstances you agree that you will not be entitled to a refund, but the pharmacist may consider administering your injection at a later point in time.

Pharmacists reserve the right to decline or delay your injection, if in their professional opinion, you lack the mental capacity, as defined by the Mental Capacity Act 2005, to fully understand the risks and benefits of the service. Such cases will be dealt with on an individual basis by the pharmacy contractor, involving local safeguarding procedures.


Charity Codes

VitaJab is proud to support our ambassadors and make donations to the charities they support. VitaJab will make a 2% donation to one of these charities when you apply the ambassador’s code when paying for your injection. VitaJab reserves the right to remove this support without notice.


Payment & Refunds

In all cases the retail price will be paid directly to VitaJab on the website We use Stripe to securely receive and process your payment and financial information. Stripe has been certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, which is the most stringent level achievable in the payments industry. You can pay for this service in participating pharmacies, however this must be done via the VitaJab website on the pharmacy computer. Customers cannot pay for the service in pharmacies with cash, or via the pharmacy card machine linked to the pharmacy till. 

VitaJab will not refund customers in the event of voucher expiry, or when unforeseen circumstances in the pharmacy, outside of the control of VitaJab, prevent administration at the time of your visit. We will not offer a refund within 28 days of a visit to your chosen pharmacy when the accredited pharmacist is not on duty; this is because there is reasonable opportunity within this timeframe for the accredited pharmacist to be on duty at a later point, or for an alternative pharmacy to be used to receive your injection; see the ‘VitaJab Voucher and Service Availability’ section above for more details. We will not offer a refund in the circumstances that you change your mind about receiving your injection, or if you have been advised by a healthcare professional, such as your GP, not to receive one. 


Contact Us

Please visit the ‘Contact/Feedback’ page on the VitaJab website, where a form can be completed to contact us. All complaints and feedback will be handled via this page and VitaJab will endeavour to resolve any issues as soon as possible, within 24 working hours.