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Interested in providing our service in your pharmacy organisation?

We're looking to offer our service through pharmacies across all areas of the UK. Please complete the form to register your interest; we’d love to tell you how our Lean private service can open up a new revenue stream for your organisation and keep it at the forefront of health and wellbeing promotion.

We're fully insured by the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) and are currently collaborating with some of the most groundbreaking health tech companies in the UK to bring a pioneering service to market. There's no cost involved in setting up the service and a full range of concise training is available for pharmacists via our website.  

Our service has been designed by practising pharmacists with the work pressures of pharmacy teams and organisations in mind by embracing the solutions that automation provides. Pharmacies are busy places, so we decided to support pharmacists and pharmacy teams by:

- Significantly reducing the amount of paperwork and form filling needed when providing the service; our system produces and pre-populates service documents ahead of customer visits to the pharmacy, so pharmacists and the wider team just need to focus on providing a high quality clinical service. 

- Involving the whole pharmacy team; our service specification encourages healthy living champions and healthcare assistants to play their valuable part in offering a smooth and slick service to customers by assisting pharmacists with the non-clinical activities involved. 

- Removing the need to complete and submit monthly invoices; we produce simple and concise breakdowns for your pharmacy organisation, making a single monthly payment to your nominated account.

- Informing and managing the expectations of customers ahead of visits; this reduces the time required to provide a consultation, which is a benefit for both the pharmacy team and the customer.

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