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An introduction to our miniseries on how to optimise your body to provide more energy.


Miniseries: Energy (1 of 5)

In this miniseries we’ll explore the different ways we can manipulate the body to become more efficient at releasing ‘energy’, something most people would like the sound of!

Fatigue and tiredness are common complaints that can seriously impact on quality of life. They are nonspecific, subjective and aren’t typically associated with a particular disease. Whilst being amongst the most common issues brought to healthcare professionals they are hard to quantify and equally hard to manage and fix. 

Western society in the current age has seen an increase in working hours, reports of stress and fatigue-related illness. We sleep less and the quality of our sleep is poorer too when compared to previous decades. All of these factors contribute to a decline in energy levels and have spurred the energy drink phenomenon, which is a key factor in elevating global levels of obesity and diabetes. 

Understanding the mechanisms that determine energy levels will help when it comes to implementing strategies to improve energy and performance. So how do we increase and stabilise ‘energy’? The next 4 articles in this series will explore the main pathways in which we can optimise how our bodies do this. Until then our top 5 tips for improving overall energy levels are:

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