About Us

VitaJab is a multidisciplinary team of practising healthcare professionals sharing our expertise to offer a safe, accessible and reliable service with the aim of helping people to feel better and live as healthily as possible. Our team consists of a doctor, two pharmacists, an independent prescribing nurse and a health consultant.

As the number of people adopting a plant based diet continues to boom we want to ensure the long term health, wellness and vitality of those eliminating animal based foods from their diet for good. We’ll do this by providing our Intramuscular Vitamin B12 Injection Service through our trusted community pharmacy partners. 

The service can be used by those who have a 3-monthy injection from the NHS to increase the frequency of injections in line with their personal needs. 

We also produce regular content aimed at promoting a range of strategies to maximise health, vitality and wellness.

Our registered address is:

Marsland Chambers, 1a Marsland Road, Sale Moor, Cheshire, M33 3HP