Vitamin B12 Injection

Vitamin B12 Service. Find your nearest VitaJab approved Pharmacy below.

RRP £29

A service for everyone, especially those following a plant based diet

We want to ensure that those following a plant based diet aren't missing out on vital Vitamin B12 that's found in animal based foods. It's a dietary recommendation to those following a plant based diet to maintain a sufficient intake of vitamin B12. By providing people with a highly reliable and assured dose of B12 we can help to safeguard and maintain their long term health and promote wellness & vitality. 

We've partnered with registered community pharmacies across the UK who are experts in delivering all kinds of injections whilst meeting the highest standards. If you'd like to use our B12 service click on the purchase voucher link to create an account and complete the medical screen. One of our prescribers will authorise your prescription, issue your voucher code and then you can simply book in to visit your nearest participating pharmacy.